Duluth Daylily Seedling Pot Tags

Daylilies pretty much all look exactly the same when not in bloom, so good record keeping and redundant labeling are essential tools if you want to know what you have!

When it comes time to put your daylily seedlings in the ground, you’re going to need to keep track of them. Generally, you will probably want to rely on more than one kind of label, as well as good record keeping so that if labels are lost or faded you can still figure out what is what.

The small white pots that we grow our daylily seedlings in have the seedling code written on them with a sharpie. In this example, I’m using a specimen of grex #21-106, which can be found on the 2021 Seedling List Lookup page. 21-106 happens to be (Patterns In Time X Blue Wrangler).

When unpotting, it is really easy to cut this small pot apart and use it as an initial marking tag. You can usually get two or three tags out of one pot, which is good for having duplicates, particularly since sharpie markers tend to fade in the sun, but seem to last a long time when the label is buried.

Here are step-by-step instructions for making quick plant tags out of our pots.

This seedling is already starting to send up its first bloom, so I’m going to pot it larger and help it grow as much as possible to enjoy a quick glimpse at what this new hybrid might look like.
It’s really easy to remove the seedling, and your left with the empty pot.
Some quick work with the scissors and you have the seedling number on a ready-made label.
if you want, a couple more diagonal cuts and you have a nice pointed tip on your new label.
Meanwhile, the seedling is going into a larger pot for the time being.
And just like that handy label!
There’s easily enough blank material to make a couple more labels out of a pot.
Two more ready to go in and help me keep track of the seedling.
What are the odds that all three labels would become faded or lost?

And there you have it! This isn’t the only way I will mark and track my seedlings, but I found that redundancy is essential when trying to track plants in the garden!

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