Welcome to Duluth Daylily

Hostas for the shade, and Daylilies for the sun!

Our goal is to spread an appreciation of the fantastic world of Daylilies (Hemerocallis) with gardeners throughout northern Minnesota. Here in Duluth, it’s rare to see something other than the classic “orange” daylily, or the omnipresent “Stella”. When folks visit our annual plant and garage sale, the daylilies historically have been overlooked, even met with disdain, and that’s because most of the time we basically just had the “classic orange daylily”.

But there are currently 97,196 daylily cultivars (varieties) in the National Gardening Association’s Plant Database, and you might only see TWO of them around town? In 2021 we dedicated new land to particular cultivars, particularly since we ran out of shade for more Hostas! During the winter of 2021/2022, we grew our first hybrid daylilies from seed.

Starting this summer of 2022, we are bringing something new to the Twin Ports region. Our annual multi-family plant and garage sale held in our Woodland, Duluth neighborhood is already increasingly known for our extensive offerings of Hostas and many other perennials, and has become synonymous with the Duluth Hosta Co. and our winter seed offerings. The 2022 sales will now also offer hundreds of daylilies obtained from fellow hobbyists. We’ve stived to obtain varieties that are different than what you’re used to seeing, and should thrive in our northern climate.

We will also be offering hundreds of our own, unique one-of-a-kind hybrids from seeds obtained via hybridizers around the country. You can purchase an unbloomed seedling and, after a year or two, be reworded with the first bloom on a flower that no one else on the planet has! If you came here because you have a “seedling number”, something that looks like 21-112, you can use our online seedling database to find the parentage of the seedling. While some daylily kids may look like their parents or a pretty straightforward blend in between, daylily genetics are all over the map, which means there are many surprises (and admittedly the possibility of disappointment) with a seed-grown hybrid! Perhaps the seedling you buy today will one day be worthy of a name and registration with the American Hemerocallis Society?

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